Monday, January 28, 2008

Image Sizing

Ok......I have literally lost my friggin mind! I have been figuring out alot of things I can do on the computer that I never thought I would even try, BUT, I need to somehow find a way to change image sizes and that my friend is not easy for someone who can't copy and paste. Yeah, I know it's supposed to be a piece of cake but for some reason I can make my own business cards but I can't do that! I am going to be researching a camera that will take photos up to 3800x2400 at 300dpi, so if any of you have any suggestions without me selling an arm, I would love to hear about it! That would eliminate a ton of the issues I am having right now. My etsy shop is up and running, real estate has picked up tremendously and lo and behold, I decide that I just have to open a store on Cafe Press! That's where I lost the site, but, it's not near as user friendly as etsy is in editing and even adding items. I have a long road to hoe on this deal.......would somebody please stop me!!!! Off to paint.......much better at that!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mass Confusion

I have to say I have never been good at taking pictures......pitifully I admit to buying disposables and getting them developed but have recently learned to use our digital camera which I have discovered is archaic and doesn't take the size photos I need for reproduction purposes. With that being said I am learning about dpi, pixels, etc.....and really don't have a clue what it all means. It's like computer language that I don't understand either, but have at least learn to clean my cache and defrag when needed. The technical world is way ahead of alot of us, but I hope in time we can at least use it all to do the things we need to. It's all very scary but I have always learned by trial and error - of course I have 2 hour cuss fests sometimes when all does not go well but on the other hand, I get so excited when something actually works. I hope I am not alone in all of this - I am almost positive I'm not! Off to paint.......I can actually use a paintbrush with no problems!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Being Spontaneous

I am sitting at my computer with a brain full of ideas and trying to figure out what to do with do people really just do things spontaneously? I usually think way too much about something and then procrastinate about trying it, and then I find I've already moved on to something else. I didn't use to be this way, I guess age is changing me as I knew it would. Fear of failure has always bugged me. I know that if we don't try we've already failed so I am bound and determined to be different in 2008!

On to write up an offer on a property I have listed and then to try a new painting - oh, but first, got to let Trixie out to do her business!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting into Blogging!

My mom is such an inspiration to me and alot of others around her - she is the one who has been so hip on getting a blog started, so I thought if my mom is in the year 2008, I'd better get a move on and get into it too! She has encouraged me in doing my artwork which honestly, I just started a few years ago. I have painted as a form of therapy and has it ever worked! Anyway, with that being said, I have all of these paintings I have done and kept in my studio until there is not enough room to move around in anymore so I now have a shop at and am having a ball with it! Such a great outlet for all of us and if you are new to etsy and have some feedback or tips, I hope you will share them!

I am in real estate full-time but have the schedule I need to do some other things that are really important to me. I think that is really important to all of us and we need to be able to work it all in somehow during this one shot at life we all get. Thanks for reading!