Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Finally Nabbed A Treasury!

For those of you who have not had the wonderful pleasure of shopping on Etsy (which you really should!), let me explain (quickly and in English!) what a treasury is....Etsy has many ways to shop - by pouncing, categories, shop local, colors, etc....and they also have the treasury. Treasuries are lists of etsy sellers favorite items and you can look through all of the lists which have the greatest titles and a very large variety of categories. You will surely find something you'll have to buy! The treasury lists only pop up for sellers to fill out when the lists reach a certain number. You have to be ready to grab one quick and get to filling it out! I had mine ready when it came up of course and I was really excited to praise some of my fellow etsian sellers here on my blog! Enjoy and thanks to those sellers for producing beautiful items for us to show off!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is There No End....

to all of the add-ons, sites, use in your blogs and websites?!? Just when I think I've got everything I need on there, someone says "Oh, you should try _____!" Well of course I pop open a new window and get after it, therefore, clogging up my windows and getting totally confused. I've messed with feedburner and widgets all morning (finally figured it all out!) and that was after having a blast reading blogs on for hours! Needless to say, I have not been painting much and have a numb fanny from sitting with the laptop constantly! I wonder if there's a drug out there for this addiction - there seems to be for everything else! For now I am determined to go get this ginormous painting started.....

Friday, April 18, 2008

More Paintings Sold!

I'd like to say I am on a roll......but I don't want to jinx myself! I will say though, it tickles me to death and motivates me to go produce some more art! I've got graduation pieces to do and a charity event in a few weeks to prepare for and I need all the help I can get! I've read blogs all afternoon getting some inspiration and have added quite a few that really move's so awesome to peek into other artist's creative world, if only for a few minutes! Thanks to all of you......especially the precious people buying my art!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ok.....It's Official.....

I am completely addicted to photography!! I think I have taken thousands of pictures since I received my new camera for my birthday. I am probably driving everyone insane. I know I took over 400 at a golf tournament this last weekend and am now redoing all of my images for my Etsy shop! I really can't understand why I didn't appreciate the bark on a tree, a blade of grass, an individual flower stem or catching someone on film when they are not looking before.....I thoroughly love it. I thought I would share pics of my art studio which was originally supposed to be an office - hence the warm orange color! The art doesn't look so spectacular on this particular color but I figure I'll repaint it someday. For now it is just awesome to have a designated place to leave everything out and pick up where I left off each time. I've had people call or stop by wanting to come look and everything was in stacks or leaned up against each other making for an uncomfortable visit to look at artwork you are trying to sell! Needless to say - it is 100% better and now I can get back to networking online.....oh, I mean painting! Until next time......

Saturday, April 12, 2008

1st Online Sales!!!

Well today is Saturday and thank the lord above, no rain! We have been inundated with it and it has kept us all inside! A beautiful day is brewing, albeit a little windy, but that's ok! Alot of our state has had flooding and tornado damage but luckily, our area has faired well - we have been very lucky. I have been inside with my etsy and cafe press shops keeping me busy and have had my first online sales in both shops! Yeah!! I am totally addicted to my art and these shops and all of the fabulously talented people I am getting to meet along the way - I never would have received this gift if not for the internet! It is a total blast although I have to say, you can spend wayyyyy too much time surfing around and not getting much work done! I have to figure out some way to balance the two along with my actual real job as a real estate broker and of course my other full time job as a wife/bookkeeper/housekeeper/grocery shopper/hostess (we have people over usually 4 days out of 7!) and gardener! Life is full and fun though and I wouldn't trade it, almost all of the time anyway, for anything! I am now off to work on one of many projects I have going...........and hopefully get one finished!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

1 Year Anniversary in our NEW HOME! I said, I would post a slideshow of our home we have been in now just over a year.....had to figure out the Picasa Web Album configuration....once again, something new to learn. Thanks to my mother, we have an extensive collaboration of images from the building process. This is just a few pics believe it or not! She is awesome.....made me want to get a new camera and delve into capturing images from all the events we are involved in and also friends and family. I just celebrated my 41st birthday on Tuesday, yes, April Fool's Day - came down with the flu so I can tell you it was a total bummer! We are celebrating tonight as we watch the Final Four play - it will be much more fun than the actual birthday I can tell you that! I did however get a new camera and I can't wait to use it for everything! I have warned everyone. It's a Canon Rebel XTi and I can tell you this for sure - it's not a disposable!!!! That's about what I was used to and I told my hubby this morning I am definitely going to take a photography class so I don't have a regular cussfest using this aparatus like I do when I'm learning something on the computer! Anyway, I have posted a new home slideshow...hope you enjoy it. We are glad to be's a vacation every day I wake up.