Saturday, April 5, 2008

1 Year Anniversary in our NEW HOME! I said, I would post a slideshow of our home we have been in now just over a year.....had to figure out the Picasa Web Album configuration....once again, something new to learn. Thanks to my mother, we have an extensive collaboration of images from the building process. This is just a few pics believe it or not! She is awesome.....made me want to get a new camera and delve into capturing images from all the events we are involved in and also friends and family. I just celebrated my 41st birthday on Tuesday, yes, April Fool's Day - came down with the flu so I can tell you it was a total bummer! We are celebrating tonight as we watch the Final Four play - it will be much more fun than the actual birthday I can tell you that! I did however get a new camera and I can't wait to use it for everything! I have warned everyone. It's a Canon Rebel XTi and I can tell you this for sure - it's not a disposable!!!! That's about what I was used to and I told my hubby this morning I am definitely going to take a photography class so I don't have a regular cussfest using this aparatus like I do when I'm learning something on the computer! Anyway, I have posted a new home slideshow...hope you enjoy it. We are glad to be's a vacation every day I wake up.