Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mass Confusion

I have to say I have never been good at taking pictures......pitifully I admit to buying disposables and getting them developed but have recently learned to use our digital camera which I have discovered is archaic and doesn't take the size photos I need for reproduction purposes. With that being said I am learning about dpi, pixels, etc.....and really don't have a clue what it all means. It's like computer language that I don't understand either, but have at least learn to clean my cache and defrag when needed. The technical world is way ahead of alot of us, but I hope in time we can at least use it all to do the things we need to. It's all very scary but I have always learned by trial and error - of course I have 2 hour cuss fests sometimes when all does not go well but on the other hand, I get so excited when something actually works. I hope I am not alone in all of this - I am almost positive I'm not! Off to paint.......I can actually use a paintbrush with no problems!