Friday, January 9, 2009

First Thursday Art Day...

...with my mother, Pat Eaton of birdnestontheground and some of her friends...they have a regular KNOT meeting every month where they discuss what they are working on, etc...but decided they would love to get together on a different day, strictly for the purpose of trying new art and craft projects! They all specialize in different areas of art, but like me, want to broaden their horizons!

It was such a fantastic decided on an abstract art project, as some of the group had never painted OR did more fine art pieces instead of the freedom that comes from painting abstracts...with that being said, since that's what I enjoy doing, she wanted to have it at my house! I was tickled to be a part of their day... they are extremely inspiring and motivational, funny and like me, love trying new was quite fun and I look forward to hopefully getting to attend more of their First Art Thursdays!