Monday, March 2, 2009

Mod Monday...

...I have a true love of mid-century modern furniture and artwork and sometimes wish I had been a homeowner back then...I love the clean lines and the saying that less is more, plus, I hate to dust alot of accessories, lol! I also love blogs that I visit that have themed posts...sometimes you want to share something you love, but can't figure out just what to do...I thought since Mondays are generally a crazy day, browsing through things I enjoy would be a great way to end the day and I could show off some fabulous finds! of my favorite Etsy sellers is Atomic Lodge, featuring artists SuZanna Anna and Mykl Stanley...they are a husband and wife team from Milwaukee! They both have their own shops on Etsy, but this one in particular is for their joint projects and mid century inspired art that they do individually. Atomic Lodge is what they call their house because it's a really funky mid- century home, modern, but rustic at the same time...if you know me and have seen my house, you know why I love them!

...the individual print shown here is a digital painting by SuZanna Anna and I love how she grouped it with other Cell Block Series prints, also available in their shop...they use high quality inks and all prints are signed and dated...mat, frame and hang them like they did in this modern retro room setting! I love the retro vibe...they have prints in vibrant colors too...check them out!