Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting into Blogging!

My mom is such an inspiration to me and alot of others around her - she is the one who has been so hip on getting a blog started, so I thought if my mom is in the year 2008, I'd better get a move on and get into it too! She has encouraged me in doing my artwork which honestly, I just started a few years ago. I have painted as a form of therapy and has it ever worked! Anyway, with that being said, I have all of these paintings I have done and kept in my studio until there is not enough room to move around in anymore so I now have a shop at and am having a ball with it! Such a great outlet for all of us and if you are new to etsy and have some feedback or tips, I hope you will share them!

I am in real estate full-time but have the schedule I need to do some other things that are really important to me. I think that is really important to all of us and we need to be able to work it all in somehow during this one shot at life we all get. Thanks for reading!