Saturday, April 12, 2008

1st Online Sales!!!

Well today is Saturday and thank the lord above, no rain! We have been inundated with it and it has kept us all inside! A beautiful day is brewing, albeit a little windy, but that's ok! Alot of our state has had flooding and tornado damage but luckily, our area has faired well - we have been very lucky. I have been inside with my etsy and cafe press shops keeping me busy and have had my first online sales in both shops! Yeah!! I am totally addicted to my art and these shops and all of the fabulously talented people I am getting to meet along the way - I never would have received this gift if not for the internet! It is a total blast although I have to say, you can spend wayyyyy too much time surfing around and not getting much work done! I have to figure out some way to balance the two along with my actual real job as a real estate broker and of course my other full time job as a wife/bookkeeper/housekeeper/grocery shopper/hostess (we have people over usually 4 days out of 7!) and gardener! Life is full and fun though and I wouldn't trade it, almost all of the time anyway, for anything! I am now off to work on one of many projects I have going...........and hopefully get one finished!

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Pat said...

Kelly, I left a comment on your previous post. I have no idea why it didn't make it there, but, oh well, here is another one! As your mother, I'd like to say that I am enjoying your posts. You are quite humorous! I am amazed at all you manage to do in a day and am totally proud that you are blogging and have your own online shop, while managing to do your "grown-up" job.....and answering that blasted phone a million times a day. You are just the BEST! Loveya, Mom