Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do Guys Still Wear Ties???

I was wondering that not long ago when at "Art in the Park," (see a few posts back regarding this!) a guy comes up to me and says..."You're artwork would sure look good on a tie..." - I was extremely surprised coming from a conservative small town that someone would like abstract paintings on a tie! I was sure it wasn't possible to do, but then I discovered Zazzle....wish I wouldn't have! It is so addicting putting your designs on products! I already had my CafePress store and was keeping busy enough with that when lo and behold... Zazzle pops up and guess what they have?!? Yep, I'm not sure other than bankers, lawyers and executives that anyone still puts one on everyday, but if they want a funky one, here they are! I sure wish I remembered the guy at the park talking about art on ties in the first place......I would call him and get on to him for ever mentioning it!!!!

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Pat said...

Kelly, Well, you certainly have come up with funky ties. I can see guys wearing these, but I'm not sure they would be among the guys living in the same town you and I do. These are COOL ties....I hope someone, somewhere, is enticed to try them.
Love you art you well know. Mom