Monday, September 29, 2008

I Found Heaven...

when I made my way down to the beach at Perdido Key, Florida for the first time in my life! (can you believe that?!?) I went on a trip with six of the most precious women in the world and can't fathom why I haven't gone before the age of 41! They took great care of me as I was somewhat scared of the water (actually the critters in it, not the water itself!) and helped me have a very memorable time...we ate and ate...drank and drank...laughed and I books, played in the water and just hung out and talked for hours. I was up every morning before sunrise of course, because I was not going to miss a minute of the beautiful view from our condo on the 9th floor overlooking the beach. We only put on makeup one night which was fantastic and I also realized I had packed too many clothes...I will remember that next year!

Four of the six girls have been going for years and this time they invited myself and another friend of ours to join them...we all have such different personalities, but share a love for each other that when I think about it, it totally amazes me...friends are like family, really, and I deeply care about the people I share my time with. Winston Churchhill once said, "What we get is how we make a living; what we give is how we make a life." I've received nothing but the best from the people around me and I can truly say that I have a life is that is truly blessed and I'm grateful for it. As I was standing out staring at the ocean, thinking of these fantastic friends of mine, the beauty of what I was seeing and the husband I missed immensely, I thought of the following:

The calm and serenity of the ocean,
The beautiful friends surrounding me,
My warm thoughts of you,
Make me weep with joy.

I did cry when I had to leave...not that I don't love my home...I just found something else to love as well...thanks again to Leah, Robin, Steph, Janice, Shelly and Michelle...I will never forget our time on our private terrace...

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