Friday, November 28, 2008

Etsy Gift Giving Guides...For Your Teens, Kids and Babies!

I don't have any little ones at home or even a teen at that - my one and only son is 23, however, I know some of you do and here is some of my favorite gift items from Etsy!

One very unique item I ran across is from sherrytruitt - it's the blackboard jungle chalkboard necklace in sterling silver! The wearer can personalize it with any message they want and it ships free!

One of the coolest finds is the Cassette Tape art from analogpark...I realize some kids today probably don't know what a cassette is, but if they do, this would look awesome on their walls!

Unencumbered offers this beautiful hand cast resin bracelet entitled "ocean", a beautiful blue bangle any girl would love...

How about the gift of an adorable hand screenprinted coin purse from thetinyfig? It's the perfect size and is made of canvas...

If your teen travels like mine did when he was that age, what with church groups and fun trips, they really might enjoy this fantastic travel journal from smallsquaredesign...a bargain for the quality and size with plenty of room to jot down memories!

Bethanycooper has in stock this fashionable cherry blossom cocktail ring in pink and brown - this would make a great stocking stuffer...

If you have a wallet on your list, check out ducttuff...this wood grain duct tape wallet is too cool...and very unique!

TTpeasandcarrots has the too cute blooming pouch - the particular one shown is a brown cotton with an orange 3-layered felt flower...a pretty combination!

If you need a gift for either a guy or a girl, the cuff bracelet in sterling silver should do the trick...available from nicolelorentz...

Want a whimsical baby gift? Take a look at the moon and stars mini mobile from buggalove!

For the tiny one, the bunny slipper baby booties from jenniferladd are absolutely adorable and look so cozy and comfy!

The puzzle piece soap from bedickens would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone with its vintage mysterious scent... since I adore anything art, I had to choose the next two items just for that reason! The first is the little artist crayon roll from bloomwoosie and the bare bones play dough available from dosidough! Love the tins it comes in too!

And finally...felt alphabet magnets from michima! Made of felt in beautiful colors and at 2 inches, they offer fun learning in the kitchen while you are cooking! You can also find numbers and other toys...

Whatever you are looking for, I'm sure you can find it on Etsy! Happy Shopping!

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