Saturday, March 22, 2008

Days Going By Too Fast!!

My, my.....took a look at the date on my last post and realize I am not blogging often enough! It has been crazy at work, was out of town for a Coldwell Banker Sales Rally (pic on the right of post is me, Janice, Steph and Robin, 3 of awesome team members at work!!) and then back home for hubby's 50th birthday party....time just flies and the older I get, the faster it goes. I always heard that but realize it more and more! The birthday party was a smash! Rick (above) was born on St. Patrick's Day so naturally we had the green beer and other green drinks and had karaoke/dance music which was hysterical AND tiring! Some of my best friends Carrie, Lynne Michele, Sara and Suzy and I did a play on words with the song "Oh Mickey" but of course changed the name to "Oh Ricky" and I sang while they did a cheer - it was fabulously fun and I have to say, felt like the old days in high school.....we are definitely not to old to have a blast! I am glad it's over though.....I could barely walk to the truck that night my feet hurt so bad and the next day the legs were sore from dancing and running around all night! The things we do for love......Time to go watch the first basketball game of the day even though I should be painting........

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