Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Watching the Snow

I am sitting glued to the couch and have been since 5:00 am! The snow is falling and it is breathtaking - I wish we got more snow but it doesn't happen often. I can't quite make myself get up and get something going........watching the snow is so relaxing when you don't have appointments to go to or work calling! My sweet hubby had to run in to work for a bit so he took the grocery list and is stopping on his way home to pick up everything so I don't have to get out! What a peach! I think he's just doing it so I don't have to drive......if I don't go 5 miles UNDER the speed limit, he thinks I'm reckless! Some of my friends and I call him PAPA when he moves slow.........he's hot and fixing to be 50 so he thinks he's getting old already!! I need to be working on his party since it's the 15th of this month!! He was born on St. Patrick's Day which is appropriate being the biggest beer drinking day of the year next to probably the Super Bowl!! We are having kareoke night and should be lots of fun. It's hard hitting those milestone birthdays.......but it's much better than the alternative! Must remove myself from the couch now and get something accomplished - enjoy your weather today and all we have been given!

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