Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Sad Day For My Friends...

The following story is from my best friend Carrie who's beloved family pet and our friend, Dooley, passed away yesterday. She wrote this to let everyone know and it's so sweet whether you love animals or you don't. I've read it twice and am a blubbering idiot...pets are family too...just wanted to share it with you...the upper pic is of Gretchen and Dooley, next comes Webb and my precious Trixie who thinks she's a big dog and then sweet Dooley...

Searcy, Arkansas - Dooley Stewart, 14, passed from this earth on September 10, 2008 after a long battle with Arthritis. Dooley was born in Searcy, Arkansas. Dooley was loved by many and had a wonderful life with the Stewart family, Ms. Cloe, Gretchen and Webb. Dooley was given to the Stewarts in 1998. His previous owners had to get rid of him because he killed their pet pig. Ted brought Dooley home and he became the hit of the neighborhood. He had trouble staying around the house so we took him to the Humane Society in Searcy to pick out a friend. Dooley chose his beloved friend Gretchen. Dooley lived a happy life with Gretchen but never had any puppies of his own. Webb came along in May of 2007 and Dooley slowly warmed up to him.
Dooley is survived by his companion of 10 years, Gretchen, son Webb, Owners Teddy, Carrie, Ashton, Samantha and Lynda Cloe.
Dooley will be cremated and services will be held when the ashes are retrieved.
Memorials may be made to the Searcy Humane Society.
Arrangements are by Searcy Animal Clinic.

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Pat said...

Kelly, this is such a cute and touching story. It's hard to lose any member of the family including pets. About your painting in the previous post. I hope the bid is high.....and I know for a fact that it is much prettier in I had a fit over it when I first saw it. Good luck. Loveya, Mom